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Voter Education Information

Periodically, True Colors engages in voter education efforts. This is permitted for nonprofits when certain conditions are met.  In no way do we aim to promote certain candidates over others; rather, we hope to curate an opportunity for candidates to respond to questions involving issues that directly relate to the youth that we serve. The responses to these questions will be made available on our website and shared on our social media. Per IRS regulations, we are participating in voter education activities conducted in a non-partisan manner. The topics related to these questions are poised to remove bias that would inherently favor or oppose candidates and focus on topics that impact the youth our organization serves.

For the 2023 election term, True Colors has focused on the Manhattan/ Ogden USD #383 school board elections. True Colors may choose to conduct voter education activities in future elections that include additional election groups, such as city commission, neighboring districts, county commission, etc.  Learn more about Riley County elections here:

True Colors is unable to answer questions about candidate answers, as they were copied directly from the candidate's electronic responses. Those with questions may reach out to candidates directly on their social media platforms. 

Links to Voter Education Resources

Check back in the fall for information on local candidates for the 2024 election. Election day this year is Tuesday, November 5th, 2024.


Please note that the links below are NOT active and are placeholders

The following documents contain information about the questions and responses. The education guides contain the same questions/ responses, but are sorted differently to make them more accessible to the public. Click the links to access the document.

TC Voter Education Guide - Cover Page

TC Voter Education Guide - Sorted by Candidate

TC Voter Education Guide - Sorted by Question

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