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Our Story

True Colors' central goal is to support queer & trans* youth through advocacy, education, and providing direct access to support services. Founded by Jayme Morris-Hardeman in October 2021, True Colors is a nonprofit looking to make a difference in the lives of countless area youth. 


True Colors opened its doors as a drop in center on July 1st, 2022, and the facility is known as "Ethan's House" in memory of our Director's son, who died by suicide in 2019. 


"Ethan was a proud trans Mexican man who would go to school wearing the trans flag as a cape,” said Katie Curtis-Baker, executive director. “He loved loving people and telling them how much they were loved."


True Colors is a youth led organization that provides a platform for middle and high school LGBTQIA+ youth to use their voices and advocate for what they need out of this space. The Youth Board and other members provide input on services, resources, support, and programming that they would like to recieve through True Colors. This input from the youth allows for the adults involved to help create a space where the youth can be themselves, focus on their goals, and thrive. 

Because of the programming being reflective of the current needs of consumers, options are being added or changed regularly. Please click the link below and explore our programming options!

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